Report by Halima Gombe

Photo editing company, Adobe,
has sent tremors into the world of communication and legal practitioners with the preview of their state-of-the-art-voice manipulation software named Voco.



The software is capable of analysing a voice in an audio or video clip in 20 minutes or less and can be used by anyone to make someone else appear to say what that person never said. And it would be almost impossible to tell whether or not the audio or video file is original or counterfeit.

Communication experts say the software is a gift to fake news peddlers or blackmailers and it will hamper the credibility of journalists who depend on audio/virtual recordings to prove the authenticity of interviews.

Lawyers also believe that the software will make it more difficult to present certain audio/virtual exhibits as evidence in court.

Adobe says it is addressing the concerns though the software is aimed at producers of podcasts and audio books who will be spared the arduous task of repetitive reading of materials.



BBC reports that Adobe will not confirm a release date for the software or whether it will ever be released at all due to the mounting possibility of outright misuse for criminal intent from the starting block and the legal challenge it might face as a result.

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