Besides uniting Nigerians to forget their immediate economic pains, the Super Eagles have always helped a great deal in furthering the course of playerfulness and advanced mathematics in Nigeria.

Since the disastrous opening match with Croatia, prayer warriors have once again invaded the land. They are beseeching the “God of Soccer” whoever that is. However, what has never been determined is how that “God” takes sides to decide who should win in international football competitions. Does he consider preparations, amount spent and the seriousness of players? Or does he just decide by lot who should win. No one knows. Nevertheless, prayers remain a resort for Nigerians whenever the Super Eagles play.



On the other hand, the Eagles also draw out the top mathematicians in Nigeria and their sympathizers around the world. Even those who failed O’Level mathematics join in the tough game of permutations. Will the Eagles be in the round of 16 or not. The sad part is that, mathematical calculations don’t actually help. They only tell us the probable paths forward. On a second thought, may be they actually do in the sense that prayer warriors need specific prayer points to focus on.

An artificial intelligence company, Unanimous AI, based in San Francisco has determined that the Super Eagles will place 3rd in their group and will be one of the 16 teams that will head home after the group stage matches. Unfortunately, Nigerian “Men of God” do not get involved in Super Eagles prediction business. It is not clear why that is the case. So we are not likely to get any form of validation. What about those animal-based predictions? Is it safe to combine the things of God with the things of voodoo? Perhaps, in football, that may be allowed. So let us ask the worshipers of Ogun to weigh in on this matter.

As things stand, group D appears to be a an upset zone. And that is a good thing for Nigeria according to some analysts. Nigeria revels in chaos where anything can happen. But most of the teams that eventually win major tournaments use a different road to the top. They avoid chaos by all means.

So what will it be? Will the Super Eagles be in the round of 16 or not. The picture will become clearer after the match with Iceland. May the Eagles dress-warm when they play with that cold country so that we will not all come down with a flu.



A note of caution to Nigerians: If you have any cardiovascular conditions, please do not watch any more matches by the Eagles. You can always get the scores later.

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