Disturbed by insinuations that he has been supporting the Senate President, Dr Bukola Saraki, since the inception of the 9th Senate, the senator representing Edo North senatorial district in the Senate, Senator Francis Alimikhena of the APC is said to be considering defecting to the PDP .

Sources close to the Senator who is the deputy chief whip of the Senate says he has been at odds with APC leaders in this constituency over allegations bothering on anti-party activities and sectionalism.

Spokesperson for a pressure group within the APC known as Final Yes Mr. Adoga J. Ibrahim while briefing newsmen in Benin City recently said that right from the onset, Alimikhena has always taken sides with the PDP in the national assembly at the detriment of the APC.
“Right from the beginning, Senator Francis Alimikhena took sides against Oshiomhole and the APC. He openly took sides with the Senate President Bukola Saraki against President Muhammadu Buhari, and by extention against Ahmed Bola Tinubu and publicly bragged about it”.
“In the political struggles to produce a Senate President, without consulting with his Governor or party leaders, the senator jumped into Saraki’s camp, and when he was called to order he told Ahmed Bola Tinubu and Comrade Oshiomhole that they arrived too late because he had given his support to Saraki”.
“He was made Deputy Chief Whip more for the fact that he was the only senator from the South South than for any other visible or known quality but sadly, he has only used the position to enrich himself.



He added, ” What we fear most is Senator Alimikhena’s brazen disregard for party directives which manifested in his solidarity with PDP senators and marriage to Senator Bukola Saraki leaving us without doubt that the Senator’s sudden loyalty is nothing but a mirage because there is no assurance that he will serve the interest of APC if elected again”.

Adoga said with the roles played by Alimikhena so far, it will be difficult for him to align himself with the national chairman of the APC to achieve a purposeful leadership for the party for the overall interest of Nigerians.
“Now that Oshiomhole has emerged as the APC National Chairman, how on earth is he, ‘a PDP Senator’, going to work with the APC
“How is he going to explain to the world that his senator from his own state and district is a Saraki devotee and disciple? How is he going to convince Nigerians that he would work seamlessly with the Federal Government and National Assembly with a character like Alimikhena as his senator? “.



The group also accused the senator of distancing himself from the Akoko-Edo and Owan people of his constituency while concentrating his efforts on Etsako stressing that they would rather prefer someone who will carry all the people along at the same time.
“At home, Alimikhena restricted himself 95% to his native Etsako believing and acting as if the Akoko-Edo and Owan nations do not matter. 90% of his constituency projects were in Etsako”.
However in a telephone conversion, an aide to the Senator said that, he is still an APC member, ” body and soul”, though he believes in the leadership of Dr Saraki.

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