Looters’ List War: Stop, It Is Silly

For the sixteen years that the PDP was in power, the price of crude oil had a good run and the country was awash with cash. Sadly, instead of that giving birth to a massive infrastructural development as it would have been the case under normal circumstances, the country witnessed a monumental looting of its resources through direct stealing of public funds or the execution of phantom projects.

The argument that the 2015 elections were more about a referendum on PDP than the whole-hearted acceptance of Buhari and the APC as a messianic group continues to hold true. No presidential candidate in recent memory drew so much scorn and personal attacks as Mohammadu Buhari during the 2015 campaign. But the frustration with then President Jonathan and his PDP chieftains was more potent than the perceived weaknesses of Buhari and the APC. The common saying then was “anybody but Jonathan”.

Undoubtedly, the APC had a goodwill which it did not merit and a potential momentum to steer the country away from the precipice. But it did not take long for President Buhari and the APC to show that they did not understand or appreciate the expectation their spectacular rise to power had placed upon them. Rather than rallying the “troops” for a rescue mission, the ruling party allowed things to slide into a bigger slice of frustration and hopelessness on the part of Nigerians.



It is therefore so sickening that in a year that is traditionally set aside for giving account of what has been achieved by the government in power, Nigerians are being treated to a silly release and counter release of names of people who are “alleged” to have looted the country’s resources. What do Nigerians stand to benefit from this political seesaw by the APC and the PDP? Is there any more shock and awe in Nigeria? Have Nigerians not seen it all. Do Nigerian looters have any shame? Do they even have any reason to have any shame in a country were wealth, irrespective of its source is worshipped?

Assuming that the looters’ lists are meant to provoke Nigerians into anger, will the APC be able to contain the outcome? Is it not obvious to the APC that the feelings that swept the PDP out of power has unfortunately resurfaced all over the country? And that some Nigerians are as angry with the APC as they are with the deposed PDP? Therefore, an uprising today by Nigerians will bring the “Empire” and all its components down such that neither the APC nor the PDP will survive?

Nigeria needs to move away from this bizarre trading of looters’ lists. If the APC has nothing to report of its over three years in power, it should not inflict further injury on the people by instigating a public display of silliness.




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