The Nigerian Senate is supposed to be a very serious institution comparable to the House of Lords in the UK. In countries that run the presidential system, the Senate is considered a temperate environment with much more level headed people in contrast to the House of Representatives where things can easily be rambunctious. However, Senator Melaye is almost turning the Nigerian Senate into a village square where teenagers meet to play pranks and talk about nothing.
Since Melaye arrived in the Senate, he has been involved in one incident or the other which drags into plenary session as if the place is his “beer parlour”. The Senator comes across as a clown who is always enthusiastic about entertaining Nigerians. But he reminds one of the Roman Emperor who fiddled while Rome was burning.
The Senator needs to quit clowning, comport himself and serve the people he represents in Kogi, a State that is still groping for direction.
That Nigeria needs very serious minded people at the helm of affairs more than ever is putting things mindly.
We hope that the recall process in Nigeria works as it is designed to be, so that unfit politicians can be shown the exit even before an election season is due. That perhaps, will make the likes of Malaye to be sober and pay attention to important matters of country . For now, the Kogi Senator needs to be told in clear terms that Nigerians are not by any means enjoying his “Dino and Theatre Company” Production.

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