OP-ED: Who Will Tell The President – by – A’dab N. Ukor / ORBITNEWS

As the long awaited return of President Muhammadu Buhari looms, fears are that the President must want to hear stories in the gap as created by his absence.

In the next few days or week(s), as speculated, the President would be back to the country. That would have been days or weeks of absence from the country and from office.

I dont know how to keep such records but the main take here is that at the President’s absence, a lot of things have been happening of which if he were to be around, such could not have been, or, at least, would have only occurred infinitesimally.



The line-up of these occurrences includes the renewed and reinvigorated Boko Haram terrorism which has resumed hostilities with the Nigerian military and visited untold terror on the innocent citizens of Borno state.

Again, the Nigerian nation has never known looming threat to its very existence as a nation like what the secessionists and separatist actors are bringing on board in the name of Independent Republic of Biafra.

More so, the polity has been ‘incensed’ by the judicial institution’s surprise revitalization of the opposition party, the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP). The Supreme Court had, just few weeks back, restored the PDP; which lent it such political bite that has attracted both friends and foes back to the once forsaken party.

Most irritating was that the PDP had signaled its come back with a deafening defeat of the APC in the Osun state Senatorial Re-run election. The PDP had so mercilessly walloped the “otherwise I dey kamkpe” APC.

Mr. President, Sir, the Aso Rock Villa has not been spared some slice of the power play and ego fight going on in the Nigeria political space. The place has been rocking with eye-winking and shoulder quacking tussles which house helps engage themselves with when the owner of the house is not around.

Sir, all is not well at your solid fortress where Magu is sitting with just a buttock. Do not let them deceive you, sir.

All the tough boys occupying tough positions are involved in this “I pass you for power” infighting inside that rock. In fact all that they dished out to the rest of us in your absence has been some undone menu of disorder, confusion, and even fear.   

Yes! Sometimes we get scared knowing that what we see is not what you would have given to us. They have made us sick with such hallucinatory sights.

Some of us are now convulsing. Kaduna people started ‘that thing’ again by issuing quit notice to some of your children to vacate before October 1, even composing songs to that effect.

Militants have gone haywire. The other day, one little boy did something at Enugu and gave “Ministerial appointments” like he was doing bazaar.

Something must be done to arrest these situation, Sir. Maybe your plans for cabinet reshuffle could do or you may listen to the voices calling for restructuring.

Welcome Mr. President!






  • Deinso Odukwe

    Excellent piece.

  • Michael Onya

    Interesting to know that a voice can blow this whizle to Mr President. The question is; is the President ready to take this info serious or call it a bluff? Until the President is back on sit, the movie continues!

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