OP-ED: Celebrating Val In A Recessed Economy by A’dab N. Ukor

 February 14th of every year is a popular date all over the world. It is the day set aside to commemorate the “so called” invaluable contributions to humanity by the special way Saint Valentine lived his life selflessly and sacrificially for others by showing love and putting smiles on people’s faces. Although to St. Valentine, he was merely living out his avowed life, the impact he created became a global notice which needed to be emulated and encouraged all over the world; for which reason February 14th of each year had been set aside as remembrance and sort of encouragement for everyone to show love to one another. It is otherwise known as “Lovers’ Day”.

However, it is believed that many who do not know the reason for “Lovers’ Day” merely regard it as a day to do all manner of things in the name of ‘love’. Youngsters take it as a day to be with the opposite sex with all its frolicking. Ladies somewhere else see Valentine Day as the day to coax or goad their boyfriends into giving them expensive gifts. A lot more other things are done in the name of celebrating “Val”, but most disappointing is the fact that Valentine Day is greatly misconstrued and misunderstood all over the world because excessive recklessness in driving after heavy dose of alcohol would lead to sudden and untimely death of ‘lovers’. Friendships, close relationships, and even marriages have broken up because failure by one party to fulfill a promise or assumed obligation. Sometimes, people have had to tell all manner of lies so as to escape the ‘trouble’ of having to engage in some expenditure because of bad economic situation.

However, Valentine Day has always come with great happiness and expectations. A lot of gifts are given or exchanged; and acts of love are so generously done by both the young and the old.



The concern for this year’s valentine Day celebration in Nigeria is that it is likely to be low keyed. For a country whose economy is in a bad shape of the worst recession ever to occur in the country, ‘lovers’ would have to ‘play’ a lot of funny ‘games’ to escape the demands of their partners. Some of the tricks adopted by such people during this period include switching off their phones, travelling away, drawing earlier quarrels before the date, faking robbery victims, claiming malfunction of the ATM, and or pretending they have ‘repented’.

Whatever the case, Valentine Day is a blessing to some and a bit disappointment to others . As much uncomely things as do come along with people’s perception, attitude, and reaction to Valentine’s Day, it is a day most people look forward to every year. But judging from my anti conviction, I would have said happy Valentine Celebration.  



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