Nigerian Churches Built With Stolen Fund- Pastor Kasali

The General Overseer of Foundation of Truth Ministry, Lagos State, Reverend Yomi Kasali, has admitted that most Nigerian churches build their cathedrals with proceeds of corruption.

The pastor also stated that while Yorubas are very corrupt, Igbos are terribly corrupt, Hausas are corrupt beyond measures.



Rev. Kasali who stated this during a sermon also said that most pastors do not care when their funds come from.

He further told his congregation that any pastor who loves money does not know God, adding that most of the churches were not built with monies obtained from tithes and offering payers.

Kasali said the biggest religion in Nigeria today is corruption and that when most corrupt people, like governors, gather, they also offer opening prayers to God.

He said, “The problem of Nigeria is corruption. The Yorubas are very corrupt. Igbos are terribly corrupt. Hausas are monumentally corrupt.

“Corruption is the biggest religion is Nigeria. Christian per cent, Muslims 48 per cent; corruption 98 per cent.

“There’s no meeting in Nigeria they don’t do opening prayer; there’s no meeting. When corrupt people as governors they do opening prayer.

“They have even corrupted the religion. If you see a man of God that loves money, he is worshiping God.

“Most cathedrals today are built with corruption loot. Not tithes and offering, but Government money.”



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