I Will Declare Biafra Independent On March 15th – Onwuka


The leader of Biafra Zionist Federation,BZF, Mr Benjamin Onwuka, who regained freedom recently after many years of detention, yesterday  vowed that the state of Biafra would be announced on March 15,2017 by the Zionist Federation.




Onwuka, who addressed newsmen yesterday said he would be leading Biafra, adding that the dream of a sovereign state of Biafra by various pro Biafra activists in Nigeria, would be restored on March 15,this year with an endorsement by President Donald Trump of America.


According to him,  the re enactment of Biafra Independence stems from the diplomatic relations his group, the Biafra Zionist Federation,BZF, restored with America,the Great Britain and some other world powers.


‘The state of Biafra will be announced on March 15,2017 by the Zionist Federation. I, Ikedi Benjamin Onwuka will be leading Biafra.  The work we have done underground permits that America will endorse the Independent state of Biafra in March 15,2017,with the endorsement of President Donald Trump’. He stated


Onwuka further alleged that , ex President Barrack Obama of United States of America,USA, approved the policy for an independent state of Biafra on October 15,2014 and also garnered support for the restoration of an Independent state of Biafra from Great. Britain,France,Israel,Russia and some other world powers,stating that it was mandatory on President Donald Trump to implement the action since a siting President in America usually do not ignore foreign policies established by his/her predecessor.


‘My confidence on President Donald Trump endorsing the restoration of an Independent state of Biafra hinges on the fact that ex President Barack Obama made  the approval’ he stated.


According to him, the strategy of establishing diplomatic relations with United States of America and other world bodies was the major ingredient through which they succeeded in  the quest for restoration of Biafra state,ahead of other Pro Biafra groups.


‘ Since 2015,Biafra has been accepted worldwide due to diplomatic groundwork.Without America support,there will be no Biafra. Now that we have gotten America support,Biafra Independence is realizable’.


While attributing  the failure to have  realized the Biafra project in 1967 by the late Biafra leader,Dim Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu,to lack of diplomatic relations with world powers,  he stated that  the Biafra Zionist Federation,BZF, avoided a repeat of such ugly experience.

He added that even though BZF was in the forefront of the successful diplomatic ties through which the Biafra state is being restored,all the pro Biafra groups would be accommodated and treated equally in his administration of Biafra state.


He stated,’There will never be a day when all the pro Biafra groups will agree on every issue but the ‘Zionists’ have taken the upper hand because we established diplomatic ties with America,Great Britain and other world powers’


‘The mistake our leaders made in 1967 was based on the fact that they failed to establish diplomatic relations with Russia, America and Great Britain’.


The new Biafra territory, he added ,  stretches beyond South East zone and Niger Delta regions to include Kogi, Benue,Nasarrawa states and many tribes in the middle belt, among others.



‘It is going to be a Biafra nation for all. The Igbo tribe will not dominate the Ijaw or Igala tribe. There will be no discrimination. It will be a government of all. No person or region will have an upper hand. There will be free press. It is the bedrock of democracy’.


‘All those who died in the struggle will not be forgotten. Those who laid down their lives in the Biafra struggle paid the highest price.We would look for their families and take care of them’.


He, however,said he was willing to argue the issue of Biafra Independence with President Muhammadu Buhari, before President Donald Trump of United States of America, stating that Biafra was an already established state with it’s own currency,head of government.


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