Barely three years ago, the migration of key politicians into a fledgling coalition between ACN and CPC sparked a mini political revolution that upturned the PDP, a monstrous political ship that didn’t think it could sink. But it sank in a spectacular manner.

Nevertheless, that coalition came up with several birth defects. First, it was a marriage of convenience hence there was no proper fusion of political agenda. Second, it came with a ” black sheep” political caucus in the National Assembly which went straight into action by picking a leadership in which the ruling party had no say.

The backlash is an administration that has majority in the National Assembly but heavy footed in driving its agenda there.



With the rising frustration in the country and the realignment of forces catalyzed by a weaponized letter from former President Obansajo, Nigerians are once again getting hysterically and neglecting to look at their rear view mirror.

Top of the trending stories at the moment is about who is in the wing, waiting to cross the carpet to a new political platform. The impression created is that these new platforms will herald saviours for a broken country. They won’t. Most of the migrating politicians have only one goal in mind, to grab power for their selfish interest.

After this rash of movements and all is settled for the 2019 elections, Nigerians must stop and think clearly. They must ask political parties using various platforms to state clearly and in  specific terms  how they want to intervene and sort out the country’s current challenges with a form of social contract and  actionable time lines.  No more vague promises that are quickly dispensed with after swearing in ceremonies. While it is true that once inside government some challenges become more obvious, the point is that political parties must make the needed sacrifice and efforts to get things done. The idea of saying things have been bad for a long time and it must take an equally long time to get them fixed is not tenable. During campaigns that is not usually the tone.



Once a party is not working according to its social contract, it should be shown the exit door at the next election. If we have to change government every four years, so be it. Hopefully, politicians would learn some lessons and sit up for the country to move forward.

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