The much expected bombing of Syria by the Allied forces of the US, UK and France has come and gone. President Trump has been particularly boastful about the outcome of the strikes even though President Assad is reportedly happy with it. And so the status quo returns and the slaughter of civilians, particularly children continues.

It is difficult to understand what the strikes are meant to achieve or the message they represent. On the surface, it appears that it is acceptable to slaughter civilians with any other kind of weapon as long as it is not chemical weapon. The argument being that in law there is inhuman and cruel death. In other words, death is not simply death. Dying by means of chemical weapon is considered unacceptable. While death by nerve agents are indeed cruel, the larger picture is the continuing mindless slaughter of the thousands of civilians in Syria.

The strikes by Allied forces has not in any way stopped these killings. Therefore, the declaration of “Mission Accomplished” by the US President amounts to much ado about nothing. Nothing at all has been accomplished. President Assad had ample time to move whatever needed to be moved out of harm’s way before the strikes came. No critical infrastructure that will degrade Assad’s ability to kill his people are affected by these strikes. Nothing threatening to the person of Assad himself is accomplished by these strikes. This is why after every attack, Assad does not seem bothered. He simply goes back to his killing spree.



It is very sad that the United Nations appear incapacitated in the Syrian conundrum. The repeated condemnation of these strikes as unauthorised is laughable. The world body needs to do something urgently to stop the Syrian mayhem and bring President Assad to book.

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