Editorial Note: The Orbit Promise

Welcome to Orbitnews. This is the latest online media to hit the Nigerian space. Our desire to contribute our quota in the online journalism industry is borne out of the yearning need to institute a formidable online news package not for ‘news sake’, but for creating a lasting impact on verifiable and factual reporting of news and events on the one hand, and providing a consummate online forum for thrilling entertainment and recreation in the many genres possible, on the other.

Again, the journalism space is large enough and the very few online outfits that have been around, as much news, entertainment, and information as they tend to provide, are not yet adequate to cover ‘it’ all. So, this is an industry where every comer has something different to offer. This a very large ‘market’ capable of accommodating as many online outfits as possible, because our world has become a global village of sorts; where every effort should be encouraged to enhance wider and broader scopes for the dissemination of current news and fresh information.



Today marks our debut on the online news stable. Our name, Orbitnews is fresh, hot, and inspiring. This is the energy we require to achieve our set objectives and determined goals. This is also the thrust of our efforts at giving our best for the job we love to do. This is the basis for the drive in our passion to excel.

Our belief in objective reporting and sound general media information is, for the meantime, demonstrated in our debut article titled “Season of Anomy” written by one of the best hands in the field. It is a comprehensive reflection of the peculiar economic challenges, security upheavals, and political inconsistencies that have greeted Nigeria from the inception of the present regime of President Muhammadu Buhari. ‘When the elephants fight, the grass suffers’, they say. Where would the socio-economic and political implications of the issues raised in “Season of Anomy” leave the ordinary Nigerian citizen?

This is just an appetizer. Subsequent editions will appear in full force. Do please entertain yourself while, with pleasure and gratitude to God Almighty, I wish you happy times ahead.


A‘dab N. Ukor



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