ECOWAS Force To Remain In Gambia

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Commission, has
said its coalition force will remain in The Gambia to ensure the
stability of the country. The President of ECOWAS Commission, Marcel
de Souza revealed this in Abuja yesterday, as he briefed newsmen and
members of the diplomatic corps on the political situation in The

De Souza said that the request was made by President Adama Barrow that
the ECOWAS force remain in the country for the next six months.



The ECOWAS President, however, pointed out that keeping troops in that
country would be decided by the Chiefs of Army Staff of the ECOWAS
member countries.

“By the end of the week, the forces will fall back. Barrow would like
us to have a sufficient force on ground for about six months; we will
see which troops will be withdrawn and which would be retained.”
He further said that the ECOWAS Mission in The Gambia was to secure
peace, contrary to reports that there was a military force in the
country after former President Yayah Jammeh’s departure.
“We needed to have a specific strategy and prevent a single shot being
fired and avoid any bloodshed.
“Orders were given for forces to move to Banjul; it was a force to
secure the situation, the environment and the life of Barrow, not a
military move.
“What if there was an assassination attempt on President Barrow’s
life, the aim of the entire action will be defeated.
“We are waiting for a report, by today or tomorrow we will be able to
indicate that President Barrow will return,” he said.


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