By Philemon Adjekuko

The amount of money reportedly stolen by Nigerians in high places is becoming more troubling than ever. Contrary to what government would have Nigerians believe, the scourge of corruption is still very much alive. The plundering of the country’s resources for personal gain is strongly entrenched in the fabric of government business and it will take something usual to uproot it.

But this piece is not about government. It is directed at those who have made the looting of this country a sport. How much is enough? Back in the days of President Shehu Shagai and before, the going rate of corruption was jokingly set at 10%. Now, it is a floating rate that can go as high as 100%.



The big question is, what do these people do with their stolen money? Often, you hear of houses bought in Dubai, the UK and the US. And they are proud to speak of their acquisitions in these lands that other leaders have built for their own people. These looters hide their money where even their immediate family members have no clue. Now, they delight to be known to have died in some foreign hospitals as if that is something that will give them special privileges in the great beyond. They build no factories or set up companies that will add value to anyone. They love to see fat bank accounts and useless mansions that feed their bloated egos.

Sometimes you wonder whether these people are fully developed human beings or they are what a former DG of NTA called manimals-half human, half animal. But even animals don’t kill for sports. They kill to eat and when they have had their fill, they let go for other animals to eat. In other words, those who loot this country without any care in the world and hide the money in the money anywhere they can find around the world, are worse than animals.

What manner of human being goes to his village to build a multi-story house and gets the road to it tarred? And that road turns out to be the only road tarred in the village. He does not give a damn whether there is a clinic or school in the place despite all the stolen  money he is sitting on.  All he wants is to be worshiped whenever he visits.

At the end of the day, they die like everyone else and gets eaten by maggots. Whatever happened to love for country? Who will make Nigeria great and make Nigerians proud? Who will stem the tide of our young ones offering themselves as slaves in Ethiopia and Libya or as cheap labour in western Europe?



For now, it appears that the beautiful ones are not yet born. But there are pretenders declaring to be the messiah we have all been waiting for. It is election season and the clowns are out in their full regalia, speaking grandiose things. But all they want is to get their filthy hands on the national treasury. I see no future yet for Nigeria.


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