Protect Your Phone And Bank Account

By Philemon Doro Adjekuko

Don’t get hysterical about digital robbers stealing your phone and wiping out your bank account. Some of the alarms raised in the social media are uninformed. But take a few steps to protect your yourself.

First, password your sim cards. Go to settings, tap on security and setup SIM card lock. It will ask for the default pin, which in almost all cases is four zeros-numeric (0000). After which it will ask for your new pin twice. The effect, once your phone is put off, which is what robbers normally do when they steal phones, the sim card cannot be accessed when the phone is powered on or the sim card is put into another phone.



Second, password your screen lock.  Third, set your screen timeout to 5 minutes or less. However, be careful about these passwords. You are usually given a fixed number of chances to put in the right pin or password after which your phone or SIM card is locked. You certainly don’t want that to happen. To open a SIM card whose password is forgotten, you will need a PUK number which is usually contained in the package the SIM card came with. Many people don’t pay attention to that number and so may not have it when they need it. It may therefore be advisable to use the same password or pin for your sim and screen lock to avoid complications.


Know your bank and telco customer numbers off hand. In case of phone set theft and you believe your bank account is at risk, call your bank to have your account blocked IMMEDIATELY. Next you can also call your phone carrier to have your line blocked. Once done, you can sleep peacefully.






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