Best All-In-One PC

Microsoft Surface Studio

The Surface Studio isn’t just an all-in-one PC. It’s perhaps the most innovative computer in recent memory. Not only do you get a full, powerful Windows 10 PC in the same box as a display, you get a stunning, sleek, slim form factor. Oh, and it also folds down flat like the biggest, most glorious sketch pad you’ve ever seen.

The Surface Studio is an amazing PC, but it comes alive when you’re a creator. That massive display is all-touch with pen support, so it’s an incredible digital canvas. Throw on the Surface Dial, and you’ve got a killer toolset at your fingertips. It isn’t cheap, but at the upper levels you can get fairly capable dedicated graphics from NVIDIA that will even be OK for some modest gaming.



Bottom line: The Surface Studio is the best all-in-one PC you can buy, perhaps ever made.

One more thing: It is pretty expensive, with prices starting at $3,000. But the best things often are.


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