About Us

Orbitnews is a new arrival on the stable of the Nigerian flow of on-line publications. With great improvement and groundbreaking exploits in ICT, communication, the world over, has so appreciated and reduced the vast globe to a tiny social community.

The world has become a global village; where a fraction of a second is all one needs to make the needed connections from two farthest points of the earth.
However, information management and dissemination in the proper and adequate sense of it still has to improve. The reason is that the field of publicity and communication, in general, has become an all-comers affair to the point that, sometimes, people do not know what to believe from the news stand. Newspaper publication and patronage are fast wanings in trend.

Most news items could only reach the desired audience when they are already stale elsewhere. But with on-line publishing, news arrive the audience with immediacy.
This is where Orbitnews come into focus, Where we belong; this is why we are who we are! Orbitnews, therefore, is the latest on-line group to happen to the Nigerian news space.

A group of experts drawn together by the very obvious need to help shape,

And reorder the channels of information dissemination and publication through on-line publishing.
We also are concerned with the mediocre level of on-line news media in Nigeria.

We set a standard for factual, truthful, verifiable, concrete and empirical news and information network building.